Social Security Attorney

Need Help with Your Social Security Claim?

Social security disability can be one of the best options for individuals who are not able to work for medical reasons, either physical or mental. However, filing for social security can be a difficult process, often requiring an appeal process due to an initial rejection of the claim. When you turn to Abboud Law Firm, you will find social security disability attorneys with the right experience to help you with your case in Lincoln and Omaha, NE.


Start Off on the Right Foot

Our social security lawyers can help you get your case started off on the right foot. Whether you live in Scottsbluff, Omaha or Lincoln, NE, turn to our experienced attorneys to help you increase your chances of being successful with your initial claim. Social security disability claims require pristine documentation from qualified doctors. Our social security disability attorneys can help you through every step of the process so you have everything you need to be approved for this important benefit. We understand the difference getting paid can make to your quality of life.

Turn to Us for Your Appeals

When you have been turned down for your social security claim, it is easy to become discouraged. If you are facing an appeal, our social security lawyers in Lincoln and Omaha NE, are there to help you through the lengthy appeal process. We will go over your paperwork and determine how to strengthen your case for better results.