Dog Bites Attorney


Nebraska Statue 54-601. Dogs; personal property; owner liable for damages. Dogs are hereby declared to be personal property for all intents and purposes, and the owner or owners of any dog or dogs shall be liable for any and all damages that may accrue (1) to any person, other than a trespasser, by reason of having been bitten by any such dog or dogs and (2) to any person, firm, or corporation by reason of such dog or dogs killing, wounding, injuring, worrying, or chasing any person or persons or any sheep or other domestic animals belonging to such person, firm, or corporation. Such damage may be recovered in any court having jurisdiction of the amount claimed. The law covers more than just dog bites, it covers all animals that cause injury whether it be a bite, scratch, or even if they knock you down and as a result you are injured. 

The Abboud Law Firm had a client that was attacked by a cat and beyond her scratches she had a severe allergic reaction that caused her to be hospitalized. Our personal injury attorneys were able to get in touch with the owner of the cat and discovered that this was not the first time this animal had caused injury to someone. The settlement was swift and the client had her medical bills paid and received an additional amount for her pain and suffering. If you or a family member was bitten by someone else’s dog anywhere in Nebraska, including Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue, Grand Island, Kearney, Hastings, North Platte, Norfolk and Fremont, call the injury attorneys at Abboud Law Firm toll free at 1-888-920-7749 or contact us via email.

The injury attorneys of Abboud Law make dog bite cases a top priority and are ready to help you now with a free consultation. At Abboud Law Firm, we know that most animal owners keep their pets secure from harming anyone. However, some animal breeds are known to attack more than others and when the combination of careless animal restraints and an aggressive breed mix the results can be traumatic. Most animals will attack small children and when this occurs they can leave scars that last a lifetime. Omaha has recently changed its laws to require higher liability insurance to be carried by owners of pit bulls and other dangerous dogs. At Abboud Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys have more than 40 years of experience with the court system and insurance claims. We have helped injury victims throughout Nebraska, Abboud Law Firm offers prospective clients with a FREE case evaluation in person or over the phone. Contact us 24/7 by calling 1-888-920-7749 or via email.