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Workers Compensation Claims

Nebraska Statue: 48-101. Personal injury; employer’s liability; compensation.

The injury attorneys at Abboud Law Firm have been successfully handling work accident claims for over 40 years. Our injury attorneys make these cases a top priority since time is of the essence. We ensure the best possible outcome for your workers compensation claim if you allow us to start on it as soon your are injured.

If you’ve been injured in a work accident, the personal injury attorneys at Abboud Law Firm can help by discussing your case and informing you about all available legal options. Call Abboud Law Firm toll free at 1-888-920-7749 or contact us via email. We’re ready to help with a free initial consultation. We handle car, trucking and motorcycle accident insurance claims anywhere in Nebraska, including OmahaLincolnBellevueFremontGrand IslandKearneyNorfolkHastingsNorth Platte, Columbus, and Scottsbluff.

In order to properly file a workers compensation claim you must due the following to ensure the best results:

  • Report the injury to a superior as soon as it happens – this way no subsequent claims may be denied.
  • Seek medical treatment right away – if you think your injury might get better on its own and you wait to see a doctor, you’re actually hurting your rights to future claims. Workers’ compensation claims require documentation of your injury. The best proof of documentation is provided by a doctor’s report of treatment.
  • Know which doctor to see – many workers’ compensation plans have rules dictating specific doctors you can see for work-related injuries. If you participate in a managed care plan, you may have to seek treatment from a doctor within that program. Changing physicians is difficult in the middle of a workers’ compensation claim, so make sure that the doctor you see is one you feel comfortable with for the remainder of your treatment.